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Ancient Pools

3 Arcaeologists: a German, a Russian and an American were digging in a cave in
Greece.  Soon after they discovered a secret bath.  In it, there were 3 very
large pools!  Above there was a sign in ancient greek.  The arcaeologists
translated the sign.  It reads "Here are the last 3 magical pools given by the
gods, anyone who wishes for what they desire may say it before jumping to the
pool to turn that pool to what they desire"

The German immediately stripped off his clothes and ran towards the pool, as he
jumped he shouted "MONEY"!!  And before he reached the pool everything turned
into cash.  The other 2 guys were shocked and amazed so the Russian decided to
give a try, "VODKA" and the whole pool turned into vodka.  and he was satisfied. 

The American however was thinking a very different wish, one that might benefit
him a lot, he stripped off his clothes and ran towards the last pool, as he
slipped and said "OH SH*T!!!!".
Moral of this story: Think twice before you speak!!

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